Let's win the Global Giving Open Challenge together!

This month, we are taking on a very important challenge: Global Giving Open Challenge!
Global Giving is a charity fundraising website based on crowdfunding, which gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise money to improve their communities. We have been selected to enter their challenge in order to get the opportunity to become member and have full access to their fundraising tools and services.

Our challenge is to raise at least US$ 5,000 from a minimum of 40 donors in one month, starting on April, 1st 2013 and ending on the 30th. We are displaying a project focusing on supporting the street children of Bacolod City and reinforcing the rehabilitation opportunities available to help them access better living conditions: access to accommodation facilities, fulfillment of their basic needs, education and training, health and medical care, etc. This project is in line with the SDC project, which is under implementation at the Social Development Center in Bacolod City. Our final fundraising goal is US$ 20,000 to address the critical issues faced by street children in everyday life.

As far as today, within about 10 days, 21 donors have enabled us to raise US$ 1,540, i.e. US$ 3,460 are left to succeed in the challenge. Your support is critical in that attempt. We would like to encourage you to visit the project and make a donation – even though you think it is a small one. Every small step counts to build a long path!

Please follow the link below and do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information on this initiative. We wish to warmly thank you for your generous and essential support!

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Support program for vulnerable children and families in Bacolod City

The objective is to design and implement a development program supporting the disadvantaged members of the community of Bacolod City, Philippines. This approach is based on the observation of best practices identified in various projects implemented in Southeast Asia and in the rest of the world. The program aims at providing rehabilitation opportunities to isolated children and families in order to facilitate their successful integration into the local community. This includes dealing with social inclusion, socioeconomic development, public health, sustainable production and consumption, as well as green technologies.