Yolanda: A super typhoon too much famous yet - Exceptional relief mission

Access to drinking water is major problem right now

An umbrella as a shelter
Dear friends,

These terrible pictures speak for themselves, you can see what remains from places located in the passage of the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), which hit the Philippines last November 8 ... With winds speed up to 200 mph and torrential rainfalls, in couple hours, Yolanda was able to destroy hundreds of thousands of homes, desolated entire crops in a row , isolated and deprived millions of households of water and electricity but also to take life of tens of thousands of people away ...

The Philippines has suffered its worst and strongest typhoon ever and to recover from it, that country would surely need a lot of time, a major national effort but also international assistance to treat this humanitarian crisis.

HOST –NGO’s mission in the Philippines is not intended to carry out emergency programs, but given the nature of the disaster, our local volunteers and partners joined to provide help and assistance relief, by collecting and routing foods, goods and medical supplies to overcome the shortcomings of the victims. Many areas all around the Philippines have been affected by the typhoon but to provide a reliable first emergency response according to the action perimeter of our team in Bacolod, this exceptional mission will take place and focus on assisting few villages in Bantayan, Santa Fe (Cebu), Sagay, Cadix (Negros) and Estencia (Panay).
Our objective in the few next coming weeks is to raise funds that can supply each respective municipality disaster reduction risk management team, mainly in some drinkable water, foods complements, medicines, gasoline, small generator, tarpaulins (or temporary shelters) for first aid and care disaster . All donation and goods given purposely through HOST- NGO will be donated directly to local institutions and NGOs in charge of the emergency plan either in cash or in kind to facilitate the logistics. HOST-NGO’s Volunteers will be deployed in disaster and will ensure that your funds are properly used and distributed to the victims. Besides, if you want you can also make your donation to other emergency organizations such as The Red Cross Philippines, the most important is to participate!

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