Meeting with Amnesty International Philippines

Amnesty International1 has been working since the 1980's as an advocate, lobbyist and educator on human rights in the Philippines. The 2013 strategy of Amnesty International in the Philippines will focus on the organization of campaigns addressing the following four topics: the arms trade treaty, the maternal health & sexual reproductive rights, the migrant workers, and the Philippine human rights agenda.

In the province of Negros Occidental, the most common violation relates to poverty, which opposes the most basic human rights of equal well-being. Many organizations are striving to fight this critical appraisal and prevent further violation of human rights. Amnesty International dedicates its activities on raising awareness of the communities on their rights and empowering them to claim their recognition.

On Negros Island, the most active group is based in Iloilo City. The activity has recently decreased in Bacolod City but Amnesty International (AI) team is trying to revive it. Mr. Dennis M. Febre, local coordinator for the region of Visayas, is responsible for developing the local networks of members and following-up on their activities. AI team is currently recruiting new members in Bacolod City to run the campaigns. Members of AI in Philippines shall pay annual membership fees, which allows them to benefit from AI internal resources. The fees range from 50 to 500 Pesos according to the income level of the members.

HOST-NGO is currently considering the possibility of partnering with AI in Bacolod City in order to optimize its intervention in terms of childrights protection and community rehabilitation. The idea would be to mutually share skills and resources with AI local team to follow a common path.

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1 Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected for everyone.

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Support program for vulnerable children and families in Bacolod City

The objective is to design and implement a development program supporting the disadvantaged members of the community of Bacolod City, Philippines. This approach is based on the observation of best practices identified in various projects implemented in Southeast Asia and in the rest of the world. The program aims at providing rehabilitation opportunities to isolated children and families in order to facilitate their successful integration into the local community. This includes dealing with social inclusion, socioeconomic development, public health, sustainable production and consumption, as well as green technologies.